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Series 4 and 3/4ths Ficisode the Sixth: Invasion of Ivonia

Series 4 and 3/4: Ficisode #06
Title: Invasion of Ivonia
Writer: lindest
Characters: Ten, Donna
Rating: G
Word Count: 3007
Summary: An unscheduled stop leaves Donna and the Doctor temporarily stranded on an alien planet, just in time to see the rebirth of a creature which destroyed a civilization.
Editor: alexwearspants
Director: cherryfeather


I want to say I love you to Alex for moral support when I was writing this and thanks to my partner canemex who is more than cool and probably came up with all the good ideas. Oh, and thanks to best_enemies for making me watch classic who until I actually sort of could include references. :)
Tags: doctor who, fanfiction, rating: g
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