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Friends Only & Master Fic List

A little about me:

I'm looking to graduate in a degree in history and creative writing, but what I'll do with it, I do not know. I am a writer, sort of, in the sense that I am broke and live with my head in the clouds. My best friends from real life are hrocketship and whofan198, and I dragged them both on livejournal, the poor dears.

Currently residing in the Whoniverse on any given day. I ship Ainley!Master/Five, Six/Peri, Rose/Nine, and River/Eleven, but I'll read just about anything. Six is my Doctor.

I also ship Gene/Sam from Life On Mars. And my childhood passion for Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes has returned with a vengeance. MOFFAT!

Under the lock, I talk infrequently about school, fannish musings, music, poetry, cooking, and friends. Fiction and picspams are unlocked, except for class exercises.

I'm always open to new friends and have a very loose friending policy. Come as you like.

Master Fic List

Doctor Who

Kill Me Romantically [Ainley!Master/Peri/Five | NC-17 | PWP, darkfic, mentions of sexual abuse, character study]
The Master knows Peri better than the Doctor does.

Call Me Sentimental [Theta/Koschei | PG | introspective vignettes]
Perhaps, after all this time, he's allowed to keep something sentimental.

Handcuffs [Eleven/River | NC-17 | romance]
“You, me, and handcuffs... Must it always end this way?” River needs something in Stormcage, and the Doctor comes to deliver it. Written before season six.

Invasion of Ivonia [Ten, Donna | G | action/adventure]
An unscheduled stop leaves Donna and the Doctor temporarily stranded on an alien planet, just in time to see the rebirth of a creature which destroyed a civilization.

Marwolaeth WIP on the backburner [Jack/Ianto, Jack/Alonzo, Jack/Doctor | R | canon character death]
Death isn’t the end for Ianto and Jack, but rather the beginning.

My Child of Paradox Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
[River/Doctor, River/Octavian, Amy/Rory, various canon characters and originals |Adult| timey-wimeyness, paradoxes, adult themes, young children]
River can no more escape her future than the Doctor can escape his past. And everyone has spoilers.

Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes


Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
The Guv


Hope You're Happy Too [Gene/Sam, references to Sam/Annie and Gene/Alex | R | canon character death]
Gene Hunt is tired of living his life in past tense. Set during A2A’s “The Smoking Gun”.

Vulnerable [Gene/Sam, references to Sam/Annie and Gene/Alex | PG-13 | canon character death implied]
Gene sees more than just a ghost of the past. Set during A2A 2x06.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock BBC

Quiet [Sherlock/John| G | Romance]
Prompt: Where John has fallen asleep during the film, and Sherlock has stopped complaining about boredom, and even though the movie is going on in the background he's too busy watching John, taking in every detail of him.

Original Fiction LOCKED

Six Vignettes of the South
observations on the 1970s photographs of Stephen Shore and Mitch Epstein

Homecoming Queen [Missy/The Boyfriend | PG-13 | language]
Missy gets what's coming to her.

Diamonds [Rose of Sharon/Natasha | PG-13 | femslash, language]
Just the once, I make the choice to pick up a girl.

Trees [Danny/Becca | PG-13 | language, implied sexual references]
A man is not a sum of his successes in life, but of his failures.
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